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Default Re: Jack Dempsey advice on training

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
I doubt Usain Bolt knows what the **** he is doing at all, he has trainers who handle that...I suspect that modern track training has many things done today that they did 80 years ago...I also suspect that they do other things different as well...whats your point? that it does no good to know the type of things fighters once did?

Honestly looking at the heavyweight scene today I really have to question the idea that modern training of boxers today is better overall than fighters of the past.

I would be the first to say that some of what dempsey says you shouldnt do...should have more reliance on poultry and fish as a food source rather than the other meats. However, all in all the diet isnt bad.

The advice on running is very good I would say.

I would disagree with this weight lifting advice..however the stuff he did, push ups, pull ups, chin ups, wrestling, was likely as good as many weight room programs.
I'm just saying I don't understand why anybody would look to an old timer for training advice, many of his ideas are obviously out of date. Just because you were good at something doesn't mean you know the best way to go about things either. Dempsey was a cruiser by todays standards so you shouldn't compare him to heavyweights, compare him to a cruiser David Haye or Holyfield.
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