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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

USA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> than UK in boxing. There's nothing to argue about, it's just fact. All of the UK's biggest fighters besides Haye and Calzaghe have been brutally KO'd or beaten by American fighters. Lennox Lewis got KO'd by ****ty Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman, Ricky Hatton got KO'd by by Floyd, Khan got embarrassed and TKO'd by Danny Garcia, Froch got thoroughly outboxed and embarrassed by Andre Ward, I mean the list goes on. The only leverage the Brits have from the top of my head are Slappy beating Lacy, when Lacy is more famous in the UK than he is in his own hometown, and the SD win to Hopkins which many thought Hopkins won, and a brain damaged G Man.
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