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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by LuckyLuke View Post
This is about UK vs USA...not about USA vs Europe.
But if you want to compare US vs Europe. In total pro-boxing has much bigger history in the US. Pro-boxing is a new sport in the most parts of Europe (except the UK).

First time boxing was big in germany for example was you cant compare USA with Europe. Just like you cant compare USA with germany in terms of football.
0_o Well I was told that the Brits created the sport of boxing, as told by my good friend Arran. I already said the the U.S is greater than UK in boxing, it's irrefutable. But you brought the population argument so I'm bringing the population argument as well. Europe has over 700 million people and North America has over 500 million people. Which continent produced more champions? Lol at first time boxing being big in Germany was 1990. Supposed guy never heard about Max Schmeling.
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