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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by LuckyLuke View Post
I know you would name Schmelling! Schmelling was a huge exception. Before and after Schmelling nobody cared about doing boxing in germany! The first time pro boxing became bigger as a sport in germany was in the 90s. FACT! There were no big promoters in germany producing boxing in germany and to support german amateurs. No big boxing event in germany ect.

The first time boxing was huge IN germany was with Universum and Schulz,Ottke,Dariusz ect.

And i allready said the UK is a exception. And i only compared the UK with USA. You were the guy who compared USA with Europe.

Comparing UK with the USA....there is no way you can overlook that population argument. Boxing has a pretty good standing in both countries. But the USA is much much bigger. So it is no wonder that the USA produces more good boxers. So now tell me whats wrong with this argument??

The UK is the only country wich has a big pro boxing history.
The argument is ****ing stupid. ****ing Puerto Rico has had more champions than the UK, and it only has a population of 4 million people. Mexico has over 100 million people while UK has 64 million people, and the U.S has over 300 million people. I believe Mexico produced more champions than any other country, correct me if I'm wrong though. So your population argument holds no weight. Fact is, the USA>>>>>>>>> than Britain. USA beat all of Britain's noteworthy champions besides slappy, although one can argue about that with Grandpa Hopkins.
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