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Default Re: Gamboa - allegedly used PEDs

Originally Posted by JonnyBGoode View Post
In almost every sport, the level of competition is so high and the monetary rewards are so great that everyone is seeking to gain an advantage over their opponents in some way.

It's not just PED's it's all kinds of other dangerous practises that really shouldn't be happening. I read something recently about sportsmen having their own blood injected back into areas of their body to promote healing or help an area of the body recover. That really can't be good for you.
Yeah, taking out blood and re-injecting it is quite common and they do it for a couple of reasons.

They do blood spinning, which is where they remove the blood from the injured area and put it in this spinning machine that make the plasma (the part of the blood that encourages healing) rise to the top, then re-inject it. That's supposed to speed up recovery.

You also get blood doping which is used to increase endurance. This is where someone has a load of blood taken out of their system, then stored away. In the meantime their body reproduces this blood to get them back to a normal level. Then they re-inject the blood, meaning they have increased the amount of oxygen rich blood in their system.
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