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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!


You seem to be on the level, and I like what you've written so far. Thanks, this is a GREAT contribution to ESB !

So, I have a sort of open-ended question for you. Maybe you have some thoughts:


We are all frustrated by the careers of promising young prospects, who never seem to face decent opponents. Two names that immediately come to mind are Denis Boytsov & Deontay Wilder. - Both are high risk / low reward options for any opponent to take on, and so it becomes difficult to get them the fights they need in order to progress. I think David Price is in the same situation, to some extent, and it may soon be the case for Bogdan Dinu, who is now trying to be a full-time boxer.

Many here blame the fighters themselves, but obviously this is the "fault" of their management, the promoters, the networks, and mostly the state of the sport itself.

If you were managing one of these fighters, how would you go about getting them better opponents? IMO, the management has to "throw money" at the problem. In other words, offer a potential opponent a huge guaranteed payday even if it means they lose money on a few fights. - but of course I am just talking out my butt, for the most part, having no knowledge of the real "backroom" workings of the sport.

In the case of Wilder, I am stunned that GBP has not been able to make something happen in over 2 years.

In Boytsov's case, there's the whole Universum debacle, which is a topic unto itself.

So, any thoughts on this?
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