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Default Re: Felix Sturm vs. Sam Soliman RBR

Round 3

Long right hand to the body by Torosyan. Gierke takes a big step outside and then slings himself forward, barely touching the canvas with his rear foot. He walks into a jab and is wobbled backward. More scoring jabs and 1-2s by Torosyan. Gierke is trying to hunch down and jabs the body with his fists wrapped low around his mandible. Torosyan puts up the goalposts to keep Gierke's jab out and circles him in a smooth glide. They press together for infighting, both throwing uppercuts and blocking. Double hook to the bicep by Torosyan. Gierke tries a jab and a hook off the jab to the body leaning forward in a crouch, grazing. Torosyan backs him up with jabs and single right hands.

10-9 Torosyan

30-27 Torosyan
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