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Default Re: Felix Sturm vs. Sam Soliman RBR

Round 4

Torosyan is really opening up now, drilling the right hand to the body while keeping Gierke's guard up with the jab. A steady flow of 1-2s by Torosyan, mixing in long reaching hooks to the upper thigh and belt line. Gierke keeps squatting and weaving side to side but not avoiding shots. All he's keeping out are some of Torosyan's jabs that smash into his gloves. Gierke tries swooping in and dragging an uppercut from behind up into Torosyan's face as they're circling tightly, but gets countered by a jab. 1-2 to the nose by Torosyan. 1-2-3, finishing with a head-turning hook. Gierke mauls in low and holds.

10-9 Torosyan

40-36 Torosyan
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