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Default Re: Felix Sturm vs. Sam Soliman RBR

Round 6

Torosyan jabs and Gierke, his balance deteriorating, keels over while blocking and stumbles forward to lean into him. Torosyan pushes out with both forearms to create space and gets back to work. Combos now from Torosyan, hooking off the 1-2 and then going to the body. Gierke is chased back, arms down and head pulled away as Torosyan drills him in the side with crop-duster rights. Gierke works his way in and manages to hack Torosyan across the grill with a right hand over the top but eats a flush jab at the same time and gets forced on the back foot. Body shots by Torosyan, still visibly hurting Gierke but not followed up on. Long jabs flicked out by Torosyan, making Gierke balk. Clinch by Gierke after Torosyan works up close behind the jab. Big combo to the body by Torosyan, hurting Gierke at the bell.

10-9 Torosyan

60-54 Torosyan
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