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Default Re: Is Geale's popularity here and overseas tempered by the fact he doesnt have KO po

Originally Posted by bruiserh View Post
... will Geale's lack of KO power make him more difficult to sell to the US?
Not if he's marketed properly. Use the fact Geale isn't a power hitter.
Initially, something like this -

1/ He's earned two belts - he deserves to be fighting in the top echelon.

2/ He's not a power hitter - he must be vulnerable to the flashier guys that pop
(we know that's not rational, but we're talking marketing to the masses here.)

As Geale shows he's around for the long haul -

3/ Geale - the work rate master ( a la Calzaghe) with a big ****nal of punches and top notch ring smarts.

4/ Geale - The Stayer - he's the man still standing and victorious at the end of each bout
(how does he do it?! - because he is 'The Real Deal'.

As with Kostya, the marketable profile reveals more of itself as the victories pile up.

Originally Posted by bruiserh View Post
Audiences like KO's or at least the possibility a boxer can meet them out.
People didn't go to see Calzaghe because they thought they were going to see him knock someone out.
They wanted to see his skills and his ability to work his opponent out.
There's plenty of room for Geale at the top in people's minds.
And he will knock people out. This fella is still discovering his potential.
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