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Default Re: last nights fights on itv

well did the round by round for most of it(done the skelton one as well :slap) so 'i tell ya what happend jim'

nicky cook got a but showed alot of guts literely. luevano who was southpaw went to the body and made a good impression..but cook was confident he could win. 2nd round a right hand bynicky is countered by a left cross to the sternum.... he gets up brushes himself up and wham again knockdown. cook gets back to his corner and gets a shouting at. he lost the first 5 rounds but then cook comesback dtrong using his way and for the time looked like he could pull it out of the fire but then the counter left hand to the body returned in round 9 and dropped him...and again he then went all out which was target practice (though this was a damn scary target) but lueveno was getting pushed back. but then slipped cook out on his feet throws a rig ht hand left hook combo missing both while steve taps him to the ground (it was a slip but there was a punch involved)
11 round cook comes out totally exhuasted but very determined and does his ester williams impressions... the another left hand to the solar plexus ,whack (trully awful audio) and cook is down , finished and nothing else to give..
a great performance by cook for his heart and will and a great performance by luevano who was very lightly regarded and now a true force in the scene.

and the pryce - small fight was very tense.
pryce wins the first round by his defence and blocks while small flails away but keeps a tight guard. small comes back strong really well landing combo's leaping around pryce throwing punches from all angles not getting hit easily.3rd round pryce slams small against the ropes and keeps him there while using his workrate to keep small at bay.4th small wins the round by his slick movement and punches form differen tangles.small does it again and again until.....a left hook right hand left hook combo makes small lean back (luckily he was close enough to the ropes or he would of fallen down) he does his floyd impressions with the philly roll which is working but he is taking some shots... but he gets his act together then .......fight stopped anthony was hurt but he was in control of his body he wasnt taking any punishment on the ropes just took shots...
a real shame he has an interview and was almost in tears saying john foster (the ref) has robbed me of a career(whic is very noble statment in this day and age)

people were gunning small for being so ****y but he was a nice guy he was very tongue in cheek about it his yank spanker in the us vs uk contender was pricless lol...hope he is back becuase doesnt matter how ****y he was he is a very gifted athlete and should work on defence.

it was a good card really we knew the heavies wernt gonna show much but in match making it was pretty decent
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