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Default Re: Why is mundines mouth worse than these blokes actions

There are some horrible racist comments on his fb page but to say 80% is not correct, it's less than ten percent. Maybe 2-5%

but in answer to your question Mundine is probably the worst sport i've ever come across. When Saints lost the grand final in 99 the next year, before the round 5 rematch with Melbourne, Mundine claimed Dragons were the "real champions" Melbourne came out and pumped them 70-10. I actually think this was the main impetus for him to leave rugby league.

After saying that Sven Ottke "punched like a girl" he was knocked out cold for 15 minutes. When he arrived at Sydney airport a camera crew approached and Mundine said that Ottke's "got nothing" and then ran away.

Now after being comprehensively outboxed by Geale he started screaming robbery before the result was announced and hasn't stopped since

Add into that constantly claiming to be the best while avoiding a rematch with Kessler and Trout to name just two and instead fighti g bum after bum.

He constantly plays the race card to explain his failures and emulates thuggish elements of black american culture.

Think of how hated seemngly whiny rugby league players like Brett Finch are and he doesn't do half the things Mundine does.

To claim he's hated because of his race is to buy into his bull****. He's public persona is completely disgraceful.
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