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Default Re: Why is mundines mouth worse than these blokes actions

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
Can i ask you a question Bazil?

What do you like about Anthony Mundine that allows you to overcome the hypocritical **** such as:

Claim to the best when avoiding fights with anyone who he perceives as a threat.

Claims racism while saying incredibly racist things

Claims to be hard done by while refusing to acknowledge he was hard done by

For me personally, my political views are probably more fringe than Mundine's, i don't like what i see in the guy. I see the worst elements of humanity in him - lies, hypocrisy, narcissism, racism, thuggery.

What do you see in him that you relate to?
pure gentleman whenever i speak to him.
whilst in the rocks the other day on his way to the outdoor training session we walked past a lady struggling with a pram down some stairs,and he turned to help her,even though there were 12 or so mundine fans following him he was the only one to notice her,will spend hours signing autographs for anybody no matter how long it takes,also lots of charity work behind the scenes,i agree his public persona is easy to hate but because most of it is to get publicty. and i know him away from the camera and its not him so i dont take it serious.
i wouldnt say he avoids the best fights,kessler,green,siaca,geale and ottke we all big name fights and although he didnt win all of them he still had a go.
certainly couldve done more and i blame khoder and mismanagement.
said geales wife is white.............we all screamed racist....but she is actually white.
when u hate someone its easy to take whatever they say differently to how its actually ment
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