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Default Re: Did jack Johnson drew a color line himself?

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
What did Johnson owe Langford and Jeannette ? Both hated him and picked whitemen such as Jeffries to beat him,how much racial solidarity did they show? Johnson signed to fight Jeannette three times but the authorities vetoed the fight on 2 occasions ,on the other ,the money[$30,000,] was not there. This can be verified,I found the reports.

Johnson agreed to fight Langford but again the $$$ was not there.
No US promoter would put on an all black heavyweight title fight, whites would not buy tickets to see it, and blacks did not have the $$$ to do so.
Attempts were made for Johnson to defend against Langford in London but the purse was a miserly 3000, so Johnson fought Flynn for $30,000 in the US.
Whose fault is that?
The black money for Langford was not there vs Dempsey either and the whites would pay for him to fight anyone so was Langford his best choice. This is something that Johnson can be forgiven for but not Dempsey because he was white, funny but I see Holmes being forgiven for his avoidance's and Johnson for his (possibly for good reason) but for Jack Dempsey they pick hairs a double standard on ESB
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