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Default Re: Your first time sparring

My older brother had done some boxing had played allot of other sports running lifting and things like that. I was never a tough atheltic 10th grade I got into a fight with a 8th grader..and lost. As it turns out..the kid had been held back one year..and would have been old for his grade, and I was young for my grade, so really he was only about 7 months younger than I...still...he was a 8th grader, i was a 10th grader..and it was embarressing. My brother started having me doing brother had learned basic boxing..but he was in love with he had tried to learn peak a boo himself..and thats what he taught me to do..very squared up stance..hands high....using a slip bag he made allot. Had his own little gym in the apartment building my dad owned...heavybag, speed bag, double end bag, mitts, slip back, and weight lifting and running. Eventually sparred my brother...i couldnt beat him....he would sometimes be a **** and go pretty hard (I dont talk to him any more for a variety of reasons) Eventually...another boxing gym finally opened in Johnstown pa in 1998...i started going there..eventually got away from the peek a boo style..i just aint fast enough or hard hitting enough for it..i have to use my brains to have success...although i will still use it....down there i did well sparring against the other beginners. Eventually started sparring with Weldon Branche, who was than a golden glove fighter and eventually became a pro..and started getting beat up again.
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