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Default Benny Leonard

If I type this with no amendments maybe it will be funny or maybe I will look a ***** (likely). Benny Leonardv is easily top five great time great have you seen his record? I do not exaggerate if maybe Ross is five to ten spots lower, with Charles in after.
Leonard went 80-2-1 (Britton, Ritchie loses, Lewis draw) from 1917 to 1924.
Jesus crisp this is more effort than it looks and sure I will cringe when I am sober, but McGrain does it so I should be okay (SEEING AS I AM A LONG TIME POSTER DON;T BAN ME AGAIN PLEASE JESUS )...

Look at it:

Willie Ritchie
Jack Britton
Rocky Kansas

Sorry too much I now concede any hate, go

Funny I keep trying, somehow won;t sleep...

Lew Tendler
Willie Ritchie
Rocky Kansas
Johnny Kilbane
Johnny Dundee
Jack Britton
Freddie Welsh

That is some list of victories, in my eyes Leonard is like a Ray Robinson who cut his career shorter

#5 pound-for-pound for me

Lots of ""people" said he was the greatest of all time even over Greb (though I disagree )

\Approximately twenty minutes writing thanks for watching

EDIT: yeah I'm feeling about how I thought I would, groggy and embarrassed.

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