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Default Re: Why is mundines mouth worse than these blokes actions

Originally Posted by bazil View Post
Firstly i do like mundine and sometimes bump into him and he is a top bloke.
Good for you. Serious.
We all know the camera image isnt really him.
I'm not sure I really know that.
Don't quote me on the occasions, but several times over the last however many years it's been, he has done some very mean spirited things, which isn't just a media thing.

One thing that I can specifically remember was a weight issue with a fighter.
Basically Mandy didn't make weight, and his opponent was told, 'too bad - fight or you don't get paid'.
These sorts of things really **** me off. Because he has money, he thinks he can dictate to whoever he wants. It's a power thing, and also a serious character flaw.
We all know he lost the other night.
True. Except for himself, how silly. Why is that?
We all know he rubs most the wrong way.
Very true. Why would you want to?
To me that's yet another character flaw. Why would you want to intentionally rub people the wrong way. Yeh, everyone says it's about money, but that's BS IMO.

You're either a **** head, or you're not. I say he's a **** head.
But lance armstrong the drug cheat,ben cousins the drug ****ed tool,brendon fevola the ****er,tiger woods the cheater,shane warne the cheater,lleyton hewitt the serial pest etc all seem to go through life without many problems after the **** hits the fan.
I can't say why that is, but they're all **** heads too.
Mundines loud mouth gets to all of us more than the real actions of the above cheats.
Does it?
Perhaps we're all just noticing it here because it is a boxing forum. We discuss boxing here, not other sports (much).
Approx 80% of his twitter replys and facebook replys end in co%n or black c%nt,or abbo or another form of racism.
That's just as low, if not lower.
But then Mandy himself spews the race card at every opportunity, so is he any better?
So i want to know how empty shallow words from a boxers mouth get more attention and more hatred than any of the above......i know exactly what it is but ill see what you blokes put out there....
It probably is a combination of race, and his mouth.

Don't forget, the www is a funny place, it has made a lot of people much more brave than they'd ever be in person.
It's really easy to slag someone off when sitting in the comfort of your home under an alias.
I think we all do it to some degree, however minor.

In a nutshell, and only speaking for my self, I just don't like Mandy because I don't like him. It has nothing to do with race.

BTW, I have to agree with a couple of other posts about you Bazil, you've stayed here after your favourite boxers defeat, admitted it, and taken some **** for it.
Keep it up.
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