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Default Re: Rios Vs Alvarado II March 30th Mandalay Bay

Alvarado can improve on his performance by using his speed and ability to fight at a distance. He was always getting the better of Rios when throwing at long range. The two are always going to collide, so he shouldn't avoid infighting, but his focus should be more on efficiency than power. Once he's there, it would also be good to change the angle on the inside a bit more. Rios's superior craft is what allowed him to out maneuver him on the inside and land more punches downstairs and then upstairs.

Rios would do well to fight a more responsible fight. I think he has it in him, it's just that, in his own words, he "loves getting hit." Garcia is eventually going to advise him better and I think Rios is going to show the same pressure but with less of an open target. Better defense will allow more opportunities for accurate punches while coming forward. I think this outcome is more likely, his ability to cut off the ring probably surpasses Alvarado's defensive footwork.
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