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Default Re: Vassiliy Jirov vs. Tomasz Adamek

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post

Adamek I think had slightly more power at the weight; Jirov the slightly better chin.

Adamek more speed, Jirov more skill.

Both could work.
Power - Jirov dropped 230lb Mesi 3 times. Mesi had fought Cooper, Barret, Williamson, Izon, Gonzalez and had a solid HW chin. The first KD was from one solid shot and Mesi was down and seriously hurt. The fact that he carried his power up to HW demonstrates to me that he's the harder puncher. Jirov weighed 209 at the offical weigh in but HBO did pre-fight weights and he was 203. He drank tons of water before the fight to be as heavy as possible.

Adamek was not a swarmer or volume puncher at CW like he was at LHW. He was a boxer/puncher or stalking counter puncher (like against USS or Banks who were always on the backfoot) who threw about 50 punches per round. Jirov's pressure, volume and crowding would make it near impossible for Tomasz to fight the way he did at CW.

Adamek needs more time to operate when trying to box and be more responsible, that wouldn't happen against Jirov whose iron will would force Adamek to either trade and go to war or get rolled over. When Adamek gets into a fire fight like at LHW vs Briggs his defense is pretty terrible. Jirov wins it imo.

Jirov could box too although he rarely showed it as a pro. He outboxed Troy Ross at the 96 Olympics and also beat Tarver and Julio Gonzalez on his way to being a Val Barker winner. In the Brown and Castro fights you see him use some of his skills rather than war mode 100% of the time.
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