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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
Liston had extremely big hands for anyone.

Do you even need (strong) biceps and triceps with straight punches as you can get power from the legs?
Only in clinches some arm strenght might be nice.
IMO, power comes from your physiological make-up and has more to do with motor neurons and your muscle composition than strong biceps, triceps, legs or whatever. I believe that's the reason why some people can hit a home runs with ease, run 100 meters under 12 seconds, punch hard, take a punch yada yada.

I also think clinches are more technical than just pure strength, I've never seen anybody get the best of Ali in the clinches, not because Ali has herculean strength although he would be very strong, but because he knew how to maneovure a man, use his height and weight to his advantage etc.
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