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Default Re: Did jack Johnson drew a color line himself?

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post

You read correctly, but McIntosh was banding the offer about for quite a while, and negotiations went backwards and forwards. Its possible that Johynson was trying to price himself out. The episode is covered in detail Clay Moyles book about Sam Langford

The offer from Russia was $30 000 for a fight with Sam McVea. I will have to look up who made the offer. It is not unknown for countries with no boxing background to make big money offeres to promote major fights e.g Rumble in the Jungle, so it is certainly possible that there was real money behind it.
McIntosh did not even put up the money for the Burns Johnson fight, he was bankrolled by others."Huge Deal " made a lot of wild offers concerning prize fights , if you look at his record of actual promotions ,that happened and compare it to all those he trumpeted ,and hyped you will find a marked disparity. I've asked you for concrete evidence, ie names of promoters ,and the amounts on offer , you haven't responded , just repeated vague allusions,I'll ask again.
Publicity talk is one thing, action another.

ps Why would Johnson sail all the way to Australia to fight Langford for $30,000 when he could get that for fighting Jim Flynn at home?
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