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Default Re: Carlos Ortiz vs Ken Bunchanan

I am a great admirer of Ken Buchanan, i do not think any lightweight has an easy night with him, because of his boxing ability, elusiveness, 15 rounds Stamina (he had more Bounce-per-0unce than most ) durability and that flint hard attitude, for a pure boxer..he is nobody's frail easy meat.

however, of course he was not unbeatable, as nobody is, and i remember watching the early rounds of Buchanan vs Ortiz and thinking Carlos's judgement and Timing is cancelling out Ken's speed to a degree, and he seemed to be able to manoeuvre Ken against the ropes on occassion, of course he couldnt maintain this at, 38 (?) i think he was, but a prime Carlos would i think have talent to "Time" Ken and Map him and Anticipate Him,

he did so with Laguna eventually, it would be a great match, and Ken would have his moments, perhaps drawing applause for some defensive skills off the Ropes, but Carlos was never Wild, so may not give Ken that much "Mistake Material" to exploit and make a exhibition of, therefore the overiding impression might be that of compact stalker Carlos...facing someone who does not want to get too involved..? if Ken did try to make a late he often did in 15 rounders, he might find that the restrained quietly cultured Carlos has the last word in the exchanges..and Steals the impression statement Buchanan was trying to make ?

I think Carlos's superb sence of Timing could Trump Ken's Ace of Speed...
in a wonderful exhibition of Skills talent and Flair...i think Carlos could take a close decision...and the fans would be left wanting further installments...and you couldnt write off the Bonny Scotsman in a rematch..
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