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Default Re: HUGE AMATUER DEBUT - I Lost :(

Originally Posted by pugilisticteen View Post
Thanks everyone its been a day since and I trained today, I feel sharp and I went a lot harder in the gym, no coasting because my coaches might give me praise, its hardwork non-stop now. For the only negative comment, I think your a troll, but if your genuine i'll say this, to be specific the facebook event for the show had 457 people attending, it was a traditional boxing show which is staged at cambridge uni every year, the 106th event. Im sure you can imagine the atmosphere and thats what I was reffering to when I stated it was a "HUGE" debut. And ive I admitted I got beat up and bruised, why would I lie about my feelings going in? theres no logic in that. I was so calm, no nerves or jelly legs, the highlight was the ring walk when everyone started cheering and I held back a smile. I went in cool as a cucumber, I took a beating and walked out with my chin up and thats 100% truth. Goodbye to you sir, Thanks everyone else for your answers so far
You were likely in a tourney then, though I didnt say anything about the event, the truth is to have a turn out of 457 people at an amateur event is rare, your lucky to have 50-100 turn out and this is even at tourneys as well depends on the Tourney local or regional.

Anyhow keep your head up man in all reality I think you should have not been put in such a big event your first time out, you should have been in the gym much longer than what you were in the gym for IMO I can only bag your trainer for this I just do not believe any good trainer would have rushed you into a show in a little over three months
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