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Default Re: The best test for GGG at each division (that can realistically happen)

Originally Posted by paddymickey View Post
So here the best fights in each division GGG is willing to fight in.

154> Lara or Trout are realistic opponents. Because of GGG's profile he has reward for them now.

160> this would be the toughest division but since Chavez is with same promoter its a great fight. Realistically Pirog seems logical choice though

168> Could there be more crowd pleasing fight at 168 then AA v GGG? AA come forward steal may suit GGG but GGG is going to get hit by a hard hitter that is for sure!!
Did he actually say he'd fight @54?

The best fight that can/could be made for Golovkin right now is Chavez Jr, but I honestly think we have seen the last of the kid as a relevant fighter, there's too much distraction, the level of insane un-professional behaviour from this man will catch him up! (Jr)

Golovkin has interest now, he's marked as one of the top fighters in the division, its a matter of time before he starts to get solid worthy fights.

I imagine Trout will be a MW within 12 months, thats a good fight! Martinez, he'll obviously want a peice of him once he's done with Murray. AA makes a lot of sense and is probably the more likely.
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