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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
You match journeymen level American fighters to the best fighters Britain's ever had in the last 20 years? Lewis, the best boxer Britain has EVER produced got knocked out by 2 journeymen level boxers in the U.S. Ricky Hatton, the most popular fighter Britain has ever produced got TKO'd by light hitting Mayweather. Amir Khan, the current most popular fighter in Britain got brutally tko'd by Danny ****ing Garcia, I doubt he's barely even known in his own city, and I would know, I'm from Philly. Froch, the current best fighter Britain has got thoroughly outboxed by a 1 handed Andre Ward. These, along with Slappy are the 5 biggest fighters to come out of Britain. Mayweather, Sweet Pea, Hopkins, RJJ, and DLH, best 5 fighters to come out of the U.S in the last 20 years, how do they stack up again the 5 best fighters that Britain produced?
Lewis destroyed Tyson and Holyfield. You my friend, are a dumbass. Yes Floyd beat Hatton, but I doubt anyone can beat Floyd in any division he has been in. Calzaghe schooled your bums Hopkins, Lacey and Jones. Such a dumbass, your posts are full of dribble.
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