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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by mrtony80 View Post
And you treat this as if this is the first time you're exposing me. You already dedicated a whole thread to exposing all that **** a few years back. I can see if I came in here saying the same ****, but I wasn't.
Is there some rule on lying that I'm unaware of? That you can only be confronted with a lie if you repeat the lie at that exact moment?

It doesn't matter that you weren't repeating your past lies in this thread, what mattered is that you never distanced yourself from those lies yet.

Originally Posted by mrtony80 View Post
I manned up and admitted that I was full of ****, now why don't you man up and admit that you put all this out there (again) for no other reason but that you have a major problem with me?
I put this out there because it hadn't been done yet, you hadn't yet admitted to lying. Again **** off with your victim role. Man up and reap what you sowed.
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