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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by The Bane View Post
Lewis destroyed Tyson and Holyfield. You my friend, are a dumbass. Yes Floyd beat Hatton, but I doubt anyone can beat Floyd in any division he has been in. Calzaghe schooled your bums Hopkins, Lacey and Jones. Such a dumbass, your posts are full of dribble.
Aw, man. Lewis destroyed Tyson? Tyson, the guy who was 10 years passed him prime and only fighting for money, this was the guy Lewis schooled? And Holyfield, who was at the twilight of his career and considerably smaller than Lewis got a draw against him. Nah, I'm kidding, that was a robbery. But Canadian Lewis, who represented Canada at the olympics got knocked out by two bums. Slappy beat grandpa Hopkins instead of fighting Dawson, who many feel Hopkins won. But oh no, we have the Lacy argument again, Lacy who is more known in all of the UK than he's known in his own ****ing hometown. He used RJJ too, who's been knocked out cold 2 or 3 times before fighting Calzaghe, and another 2 times after fighting Calzaghe. Man, you're a ****ing idiot. Do you really know anything about boxing?
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