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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
You're right, Puerto Rico, with only 4 million people have more champions than the UK. The association of football, which was created 150 years ago by England, have only won 1 championship since 1930 which they cheated on in 1966. So basically, your country sucks in their major sport. Yet boxing isn't even one of the top 5 sports in the USA, yet we still have more champions than you and placed higher than you in the world cup. What does that tell you?
Your a dumbass, England is England, the UK is the UK, which is Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You sound like a complete dumbass that fails at trolling his hate for the UK, in particularly England.

Who is the number 1 golf player in the world? Who was the World Middleweight Champion in boxing for 10 years? Who is the most famous sportsman in the world? You will find they all come from the UK.

You do know if it wasn't for England we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. The World Wide Web was created in England.

If you want to make this personal, we gave your your freedom, we ran your country for years. England is the only country that has never been ruled by anyone but themselves. If you want to talk real fighting, then check on the internet at all the Youtube videos of the SAS soldiers beating the **** out of your Delta boys in the Military Boxing tournaments, that is real pride.
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