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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by The Bane View Post
Your a dumbass, England is England, the UK is the UK, which is Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You sound like a complete dumbass that fails at trolling his hate for the UK, in particularly England.

Who is the number 1 golf player in the world? Who was the World Middleweight Champion in boxing for 10 years? Who is the most famous sportsman in the world? You will find they all come from the UK.
No **** ***got, when did I dispute that? Which is why I said England created the association of football, not the UK. The world middleweight champion for 10 years? Hopkins of course. Best golfer in the last 20 years? Tiger Woods. Best golfer of all time? Jack Nicklaus. I don't hate the UK, I just like ****ing with all of you is all.
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