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Default Re: UK vs USA boxing

Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
No **** ***got, when did I dispute that? Which is why I said England created the association of football, not the UK. The world middleweight champion for 10 years? Hopkins of course. Best golfer in the last 20 years? Tiger Woods. Best golfer of all time? Jack Nicklaus. I don't hate the UK, I just like ****ing with all of you is all.
Thats cool, but its 100% obvious your making your posts as personal as possible regarding the UK, in particularly England. Lets be honest, England ran the world, we ran the USA, we created the world most popular sport. The Beatles were English, the world biggest band ever. Your top musician Presley was half Irish. This **** is ridicilous. Boxing wise, yes the USA have more champions. However, the UK are breeding very good boxers at the moment: Brook, Bellew, Cleverly, Frampton, Quigg, Khan etc.
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