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Default Re: Why do I have this feeling that Canelo's opponent May 4th wil be...

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
destryoed ryan rhodes?

it took canelo 12 rounds for what took rabchenko 7 rounds one year later.

also, rhodes had been previously ko'd( a common barometer shared by canelo title defense opponents), twice, in rounds two and three. lara and vanes have never been kod and, by theory, are both undefeated.

please, tell us all here canelos best win, since rabchenko beat rhodes far rhodes own home country.

we can do this all day.

ill make you look stupid like all the other canelo nuthuggers.

I guess beating him for 11 rounds straight and then stopping him on the 12th is not beating up?

Oh you Cubans are hilarious. For some reason you think you have these great fighters but they never win anything meaningful!! Ha how long have we heard the Cubans will dominate and with all their gold medals they still cant pick up titles or hold on to them. That is why Mexico finishes first every year with the most champions.
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