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Default Re: best muscles to work out for punching power

Such a load of nonsense, i can't stand when people say that. More strength = more efficient movement if you hypertrophy fast twitch muscles, if you hypertrophy slow twitch muscles then you have greater peripheral endurance, more capillaries and mitochondria.
hypertrophy...meaning making bigger..doesnt automatically make someone fact the kind of training needed for hypertrophy does not improve strength much. So you are full of ****.

The most important thing is central fitness (VO2max) and lactate tolerance. It's the strength to weight ratio that makes a difference, you can have large muscles and have elite cardio fitness. If your muscles have been trained for whatever activity then the blood goes there, you have the capillaries to offload oxygen. This stupid myth comes from the fact that people who are generally muscular do less cardio and people who are endurance athletes generally do less resistance training. If you can fit both in with a properly periodised plan then having larger muscles is going to help your endurance if they've been trained with your sport in mind.
And back to the point, how the hell is a small muscle like the triceps going to make any difference to anything? If a muscle isn't being used much then it's not sucking up anything is it? It's just an extra 200 grams or whatever of weight proximal to a joint (so has a small moment arm) that your whole body is going to have to overcome, it's not going to make any difference.
You're like a treasure trove of misinformation, I don't think I've ever seen a post of yours that doesn't have something stupid in it.
First off....this was all from Madina trying to "bulk" up his biceps..that is clearly ****ing is going to use more oxygen, do you deny that larger muscles will use more oxygen? if you do, your a you could go and use your equation and make a argument that it will actually make him stronger and bluh bluh bluh will be worth it...however...we are talking about Madina doing body builder set type curls to make his biceps big..that is ****ing stupid...and doing body builder type work isnt even going to get him much stronger, just bigger...which will then...yes..cause his body to use more oxygen...or are you going to try to tell me that extra muscle doesnt actually use extra oxygen.
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