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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
Hey, 6-0 against HOFers 5 of which can be ranked in the top 20 greatest Heavyweights ever, and he did it without a big brother to tag team tough opponents, or 4 inches of height and 30+lbs of weight over his opponents (the ones who didn't have their gut spilling over their trunks that is) or the use of PEDS. He also never ducked anyone and gave rematches to the opponents who gave him the most trouble which cannot be said of some .
absolutely accurate in most ways but the problem is you're throwing facts out without any context...

he beat louis...who was nearly the corpse ali was against holmes
he beat charles x 2...who was at his best at 175 and well past his best (despite taken rocky to the limit in the first one)
he beat moore...who was a brilliant light heavy and awesome heavy. not in his prime but still a viable contender
he beat walcott x 2...great wins. got his ass handed to him for most of the fight but all that matters in the ending. sequel proved he had the goods

of these, the louis win is meaningless and the charles he beat may be top 20 at heavy but not in his prime. the moore and walcott wins are damn solid. these do not make up one of the best ever heavyweight resumes to me but its pretty impressive nonetheless

btw: rocky had bricks in his gloves and injected himself with radioactive horse semen to boost his stamina. those are just as much facts as the implication that wlad is on drugs. stick to what we know, not what might help your argument IF it were true
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