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Default Re: best muscles to work out for punching power

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
You are a child Virus...

if you do the type of training that causes hypertrophy will you get stronger than if you do nothing? sure you will. Body builders are after all stronger than your average guy who does no training. But is it the best way to gain strength? it what guys in strength sports shot now

Now if you are a boxer..and you fight at 147...should you be doing bodybuilder type workouts...**** could give you problems gaining weight (of course Dealt says you wont actually gain enough weight to why than do body builders do it too get bigger?) its a waste of time and counter productive.

also, everything that I have ever seen says that muscles use oxygen..if you make a muscle bigger, its going to use more oxygen..if it doesnt actually get much are shooting yourself in the foot in a sport that is both anerobic as well as aerobic.
I'm a child because you lack knowledge?

What you said was incorrect. I told you you're incorrect. How does that make me a child exactly?

Hypertrophy training does not have to be the classic 3x10, you can get substantial hypertrophy lifting heavy weight for high sets. 10x3 for example.

Why does this even matter anyway? Lifting weights doesn't make you gain weight. Muscle building is irrelevant to boxing.
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