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Default Re: K1 Final 8 - rescheduled for March 15th in Zagreb

Originally Posted by Kid Dynamite View Post
Well the Aussie is gonna have a hard time.
First fight vs the slick, experienced, skilled and hadr to catch Samedov.
However Ben should be able to win this one without too much damage.

Then however vs Gerges. Gerges kicks hard and at a crazy pace.
Big Ben doesn't like that.

Cro vs Miller will be interesting.
Zurvalev is really good and should win vs Moro.
True. But if Ben lays his right hand on Hesdy Gerges he won't like that either. Let's get past Zabit Samedov first. One hurdle at a time.

An advantage Ben does have in tournaments where you need to win multiple fights in one night is he can finish quickly and therefore conserve some energy along the way.
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