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Default Re: Aldo - Edgar

Aldo decision

Edgar should of been a feather his whole career but opted to fight at 155 to give himself an edge in speed & movement (His main attributes) at 145 those advantages go away, Yes he'll be lighter so in theory should be faster but i don't think his sped will be anything Aldo hasn't seen before. Its his first time making a weight cut and its a 5 round fight so we don't know how that will affect.

Aldo doesn't really have weight issues, he struggled the last time because he was on heavy antibiotics recovering from a bad staph infection which seriously ****ed up his cut. My only worry with Aldo is how he deals with the year long layoff.

Style wise this is a terrible matchup for Edgar. He's not a finish first fighter he's a point fighter who uses speed & movement to dart in and out of exchanges mixing up striking with takedowns to score points, there's a few problems with that.

(1) He's never ever going to outstrike Aldo, he doesn't have the tools.

(2) Aldo has the best takedown defense in the ufc bar none, he's stopped 52 out of 55 takedown attempts so Edgar will have a nightmare getting him down. even if he does manage to get him down a few times, he wont keep him down because he never does, he's not a lay n pray or ground n pound guy, he gets takedowns to score points not to get a dominant position and hold it.

(3) Aldo's the best leg kicker around, once he lands a couple Edgar's main tool of movement will go away and he'll be a sitting duck.

There's only one way i see this fight playing out. Edgar starts fast and has some success early while Aldo shakes off a bit of ring rust, once he does that and starts landing those leg kicks Edgar will slow down and get the living **** beat out him for the remainder of the fight. I don't think Aldo will stop him because Edgar can take it like no one else but he'll leave him looking a lot worse than Henderson did.

I think the 2/1 Aldo decision is a nice price. but that's just my ****ysis if you have a hunch on an Edgar KO don't let me or any one else talk you out of it
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