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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships 2013 **** New year, new members welcome!
WORLD BOXING KINGS - 2nd Title Fight

WBK Champion : BeastsideBoxing
WBK Champion
1-0 (0 KO's) In WBK Title Fights


WBK Debut


BeastsideBoxing vs IntentionalButt
Round 1 - Daniel Geale vs. Anthony Mundine II : 10 - 10 Draw
Beastsideboxing : Geal Wide UD
IntentionalButt : Geale Wide UD
Round 2 - Felix Sturm vs. Sam Soliman : 10 - 10 Draw
Beastsideboxing : Sturm Wide UD
IntentionalButt : Sturm Wide UD
Round 3 - Antwone Smith vs. Jose Luis Castillo : 10 - 9 BeastsideBoxing
Beastsideboxing : Smith Close UD
IntentionalButt : Castillo MD
Round 4 - Carlos Molina vs. Cory Spinks : 10 - 9 BeastsideBoxing
Beastsideboxing : Molina Wide UD
IntentionalButt : Molina Close UD
Round 5 - Eduard Gutknecht vs. Juergen Braehmer : 10 - 10 Draw
Beastsideboxing : Gutknecht Close UD
IntentionalButt : Gutknecht Close UD
Round 6 - McWilliams Arroyo vs. Sonny Boy Jaro
Beastsideboxing : Arroyo TKO4
IntentionalButt : Arroyo Wide UD
Round 7 - Kevin Bizier vs. John O'Donnell
Beastsideboxing : Bizier TKO7
IntentionalButt : Bizier TKO9
Round 8 - Kiko Martinez vs. Carl Frampton
Beastsideboxing : Frampton Wide UD
IntentionalButt : Frampton Wide UD
Round 9 - Lee Selby vs. Martin Lindsay
Beastsideboxing : Selby Wide UD
IntentionalButt : Selby Wide UD
Round 10 - Delvin Rodriguez vs. George Tahdooahnippah
Beastsideboxing : Rodriguez TKO 3
IntentionalButt : Rodriguez Wide UD
Round 11 - Luca Giacon vs. Emiliano Marsili
Beastsideboxing :
IntentionalButt :
Round 12 - Sakio Bika vs. Nikola Sjekloca
Beastsideboxing :
IntentionalButt :


*Lots of rules, but when two good posters go head to head, it comes down to a razors edge sometimes to see who is the best, so in order do to that we try to be as specific as possible*
- All picks for each round must be PM'd to me personally before being listed in the thread.

- Each pick is final, so think hard and make sure thats the pick you will want put down


- If you pick the correct winner, and your opponent does not, you win the round 10-8

- If you pick the correct outcome of the winner, and your opponent does not, you win the round 10-9

- If both pick the same fighter by stoppage, the person who picked closest to the round the fight gets stopped in wins the round 10-9

- When picking UD's, you must specify between
Close UD - 8 rounds or less to 4 rounds or more for 12 rounders, 6 rounds to 4 for 10 rounders.
Wide UD - 9 rounds or more to 3 rounds or less for 12 rounders, 7 rounds or more to 3 rounds or less for 10 rounders.
*On 2 of the 3 judges cards*

- When picking a stoppage, if champion or challenger pick the correct round the stoppage happens in, it is an instant KO : Unless both participants have picked a KO in that round, in which case its a draw round.

- If you pick 1 round off from the round it was actually stopped in, you score a KD and the round is scored 10-8. Unless both participants did, in which case its a draw round.

- If you miss a fight on the WBK schedule, it is considered a KD and will be a 10-8 round against you.


- If you want to change a pick, it must be approved by your opponent.

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