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Default Re: HUGE AMATUER DEBUT - I Lost :(

Originally Posted by Bazooka View Post
You were likely in a tourney then, though I didnt say anything about the event, the truth is to have a turn out of 457 people at an amateur event is rare, your lucky to have 50-100 turn out and this is even at tourneys as well depends on the Tourney local or regional.

Anyhow keep your head up man in all reality I think you should have not been put in such a big event your first time out, you should have been in the gym much longer than what you were in the gym for IMO I can only bag your trainer for this I just do not believe any good trainer would have rushed you into a show in a little over three months

Hi man thanks for your reply, lol nah I was not in a tourny, it was a amatuer night of boxing at Cambridge Uni (one of the best globally) and all the students came, im sure there is thousands of Uni students on campus on the night so 400 is quite little. Its a big event they hold every year where there Uni boxers fight club boxers, my club was invited. I respect your opinion about my coaches decision, I think I may have been slightly shy of being prepared to fight but im glad I did as it has really given me a reality check early on, as to how hard I need to work. I was doing great before, now ive had a taste for competitive boxing im sure im going to start doing even better.
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