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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by mrtony80 View Post
Yes. There is some legit advice in this thread. I'm hoping it can get back to the point of the thread, but that's up to Reggie, since he is the one who has such an issue....

Oh, and **** face...this is still all I see

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How big are you, btw, Johns? If you competed, where would you be?

When I was 19-22 I fought at middleweight 160...won 3 fights, lost my 4th....still ****es me off because I killed myself to get down below 160..and the guy i was supposed to fight didnt the guys who ran the gym just said "Quinn was just he can fight (some 185)..." ended up losing the decision...looking back on it though i let the fact that the guy was bigger than me get into my still annoys me that I fought him though...and it was in front of my hometown..only live fight my dad ever saw me in..****es me off it was loss...

anyhow 5 years later I boxed again...and this time it was series of close loses....I fought at super heavy...which was stupid on my part...I am 5"9..i had added some muscle..but at that point 178 would have been the biggest I should have been. First fight I honestly feel I won, it was a Golden Gloves fight out in Pittsburgh. Next fight was against a guy way bigger than me, 6"5 280..not even that fat for that size...and I lost that I didnt try to move enough on him....I tried to bob and weave and come in aggressive..he would end up getting his hands on my shoulders and shoving me back...and than hitting me as he charged me down..i think the fight was semi close..but I lost that fair and square. Third fight at super heavy was against a guy whos nickname in the west pa area was white tyson, and he actually looked more like a white tyson than the pro version....he was on a 10 fight win streak...and i fought him..only fight i was ever stopped in....I guess i was concussed..eyes where fluttering around in my head..he hit me with a jumping head butt a bit before the stopage, and I think that was it..and I can say he was starting to get tired..having said that...I was straight up getting my ass kicked..and had already had a point pulled for excessive holding.

This year i was down to 200 pounds..was going to hit 178 and try fighting again..than my dad died and i stopped giving a ****...right now im fat..just recently decided i am going to try to get back into shape..

I help train at the boxing gym..and have been sparring their..i am going to start trying to actually work out as well...its m w f....and i work out with the mma team on tuesday and thursday.

My best boxing really has been in sparring...sparred a few pros but no one anyone on here would know....Weldon Branche, Tommy Wilt, Andres Taylor....
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