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Default Re: GGG Is Emberassing

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Point me to any posts that said Geale would make anywhere near 5 million, otherwise shut the **** up and stop making **** up. Rosado making 500 000? Are you ****ing re****ed? So it's reasonable to assume Golovkin made 1 million from fighting a nobody? You truly are a re****, and like most Golovkin fans, have a tendency to make up lies.
Relax drama queen!

Like I am going to sift through hundreds of posts looking for the mongealeoid(s) who claimed Geale was earning 5 million for his fight with Mundine. Even if I did find this text, what would it matter? You would sijmply go off on one of your female tangents, wrought with lame insults.

In short; I am far more confortable with your e-hate!
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