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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
I'm curious why does one have to lie about their experiences boxing on threads saying things like explain your first fight? kind of weird if you ask me...
I don't know, man. Just got caught up in the moment, I guess. I think it started with me posting a video, and people saying I look like **** in the video, and then my ego getting the better of me, so I started hamming it up. Certainly didn't expect it to escalate to the extent it did. That **** was years ago, I can't really remember my exact thought process in doing what I did.

I'll say this. I've been to war, and can quickly recognize a person who lies about combat experience. It ****es me off, because I feel like the lying is disrespectful to the guys who actually went through that ****. I can understand why someone who has spent a lot of time in the ring would take offense to someone who hasn't been in there saying they have been...maybe that's why this stick resides in RDJ's ass, but somehow, I doubt if that's the reason. I think he is doing it out of disdain and spite.
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