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Default Re: GGG Is Emberassing

Originally Posted by Kevin Willis View Post
Relax drama queen!

Like I am going to sift through hundreds of posts looking for the mongealeoid(s) who claimed Geale was earning 5 million for his fight with Mundine. Even if I did find this text, what would it matter? You would sijmply go off on one of your female tangents, wrought with lame insults.

In short; I am far more confortable with your e-hate!
In other words, you lied because you wanted to come up with another excuse for Golovkin fighting yet another 154 fighter. You won't find the text because no one ever said, idiot. Not to mention how blatantly obvious it is that you are a alt. Tell me more about how Golovkin made one million for fighting Rosado . Your attempts at trying to talk boxing are truly laughable and pathetic, at best.

I'm sure you are more "confortable" with e-hate. Perhaps you would be more "confortable" actually finishing school and leaving boxing talk to people who actually know something about it. Bye troll.
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