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Default Re: Jack Dempsey advice on training

Its infuriating the way people look at athletes as some kind of irrefutable source of knowledge. You are a credit to this forum.
Yeah, you shouldnt may any attention to guys who actually won world championships..but some dude who says he does S&C for a rugby team, by all means follow what he says as Gospel.

Its also a great way to be a walking vegetable by the time you are 40
Definitely can't be all you don't want to take the James Toney approach..however if you actually want to is the most important thing. If he are great in the weight room, great on the track..great on the road..great at jump rope, great on the speed bag, slip bag, double end bag, heavybag, great in mitts...but suck in sparring..chances are pretty good you will suck in a fight (minus a few other considerations). However, if you suck in the weight room, suck on the track, suck on mitts...bluh bluh bluh, but are a monster sparring..chances are you will kick ass in a fight.

Must have some kind of agenda, he really should just stop posting and trying to educate. I used to have a bunch of ****s like him at school.
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