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Default Re: Jack Dempsey advice on training

I'll listen to boxers and trainers on matters regarding boxing as an art and discipline. But as said in another thread on boxers many reach elite levels despite their training/nutrition rather than because of it. Paul Williams was a high level boxer should I follow his technique of spending 90% of my time on conditioning? I listen to people who have scientific knowledge rather than anecdotal. We know more than we used to so why should I ignore that because some black and white boxer had ideas based on experience with no scientific grounding? You wouldn't do that in anything else so why should I when it comes to boxing?

I was being a bit flippant I think sparring is the best thing you can do if you are doing it properly. I see too many people who just try and recreate a fight all the time and although that has a place doing it everyday is not going to be an efficient use of time.

Whats the puzzled face for?
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