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Default Re: Juanma Lopez PPV thoughts/summary

Originally Posted by Low Blow Combos View Post
First off, yes, here in PR we had to pay to watch Juanma fight a nobody lol. And well since there's nothing else on tonight and boxing is sucking donkey dikz right now I said what the hell.

PR has some good prospects I guess but they were fighting sack of potatoes. VERDEJO is someone to look out for though, very intriguing I have to admit. McJoe Arroyo is very good also, very impressed by him. When he decides to attack he is very precise and it's a joy to watch him put together combinations. He got quite a cut right on the top of the head, it was spraying out blood for a while.

NOW JUANMA... well well well.... I love the guy, love his warrior spirit but I mean, he hasn't changed anything (for good or worse .. I mean he is exciting). Also, he looked very big tonight ... bigger and less defined than usual. Someone back me up here or something. He beat a sack of potatoes and took around 8 rounds to finish him off. He is showing more patience I guess but took some clean ones that if it was Salido he would have been put on the same situation again.

Exciting fighter but don't expect anything different from him. I expect him to lose his mind in a big fight and go into zombie/mindless mode as soon as he gets hit flush hard by someone who can punch.

Interview Summary:

- Said he'll stay at 130
- Wants Donaire, Garcia (said another name and can't remember)... basically the big dogs
- Willing to fight Vazquez Jr as well
- Says he developed more patience

Any particulars, dont hesitate to ask. Thought id share.
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