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Default Re: Besides Hagler/Lennox Lewis/Calzaghe/Marciano, who else retired at the perfect ti

The fact that they were highest ranked tells you all you need to know about that period. The division was at a turning point an one of the worst in history. It made the mid 80's look golden. Walcott was a spotholder at that point. (my favorite heavyweight ever). Ill admit the Archie win was good an he was fresh on his run up to that fight. Louis was a corpse, Ezzard badly faded an flat. Roland an Don. Lol.... You an my grandpa with Marciano ill tell ya. Its cool though your still one of my favorite posters to read here
Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
keep telling myself that? how could I tell myself anything different? Walcott was the champion, Louis, Charles and Moore were the highest ranked opponents he could face.

Damn right he's my number 4, how many champions can rival his dominance?
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