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Default Re: Sparring vid. Tips?

I said nothing about altering the past. People already know about my lies in the lounge. You're the one who put them out there...remember? And by "start over", I meant that I didn't want training forum people's judgement of me to be clouded by your vendetta whenever I do post a serious sparring vid. I mean, they already know now, but at least it wouldn't be in this thread, which has turned into a *****-fest.

This is my very first post in this thread, along with the 1st "dancing" video...

Have at me. Forgive the fact that we were doing extremely light sparring. I'm sure the flaws still aren't that hard to spot
This is what I posted along with the second video.

Fair enough, RDJ. Here's another sparring session, although it is still a poor example, considering it was 6th round, 6th sparring partner... and exercise my trainer calls suicide. 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between, a fresh partner coming in there with you after everyone around. Suicide indeed.
Yes, those are definitely the words of a chest pounder who was "posing" as you call it.

But I'm done with this back and forth. We might as well be doing this via pm, because I don't think anyone else really cares. I have nothing against you, man. I've always found your dislike of me humorous. Nothing personal, not from my side, anyway. Hopefully we spar Monday, then I'll post a vid and see if you stay true to your word of giving a objective critique.
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