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Default Re: best muscles to work out for punching power

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Explain why I need to know the mechanics of boxing. Obviously certain lifts could help with movements used in boxing but nothing can be specific to boxing. So why would I need to know?

I would say you should know what kind of boxing training a boxer does..if for no other reason than to help mold what you do and avoid over training. Certain muscles come into boxing more than others....i think it is reasonable to know which are used to help you figure out what the strength workouts will be. Take football (american kind) back in the old days everyone did the same lifting workouts, mostly 5x5, which was basically constructed for linemen..the guys who "need" lifting/strength most (or so people would think) now different positons do train differently in the weight room..based on what they do in their position. So clearly i would make sense to know what a boxer does.

What does that mean, you should KNOW boxing? What? The only thing a strength and conditioning coach needs to know are the stresses the body is put under during a specific event.

See above

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