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Default Re: *** Cain Velasquez Vs. Alistair Overeem? Who wins??***

Originally Posted by Koa View Post
Originally Posted by KERRIGAN View Post
Does anyone think Overeem has a better one punch KO than JDS?

After the 2nd fight between Cain and JDS, I can't help but believe that all the stories about Cain's knee being ****ed going into their first fight was true.

So I only take the 2nd fight as being meaningful, and if JDS couldn't put Cain away early, then I don't see how the gutless, muscle bound Overeem will.

I only hope the bookies buy into the Overeem bull**** hype, I will put a few hundreds dollars at least on Cain if his odds are better than $1.50.
Everyone cracks on Overeems heart, which has to be tested again since we haven't really seen him in a situation where he would quit for a loong time. He's confident, and he's been knocking out kickboxers with gloved short punches. He has just as much power as JDS, but he's more dangerous because he likes to crowd guys and use short punches, and counters. Rather than long counters and surprise timing attacks like JDS, who must maintain range to strike effectively. If you allow Reem to get close enough he takes control, that's just how it's been, until I see someone overpower him inside, he owns it.

If you go for a shot and get shrugged off like Cain did vs. JDS, Reem has the technique to take advantage and use his own gnp, which is outstanding. It's a nasty ass matchup for Cain, a lot of Cains strengths play right into Reems.. It's a bad match.
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