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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
Really? Please name them.

Any ESB member could have written that, and it makes no sense. First, why would any management company invest even one dollar in a fighter they don't have confidence in?
I believe you might be confusing things here. A manager/management company, has to find a promoter with the resources and contacts to make things happen, I believe Boytsov is being brought along better than Wilder. Boytsov, is going rds and fighting worn veterans and learning on the job. So his management are doing their job. The confidence part I will answer next.

Since I am in the US I will, name just a few american HW's
-Chris Arreola
-Steve Cunningham
-Bryant Jennings
-Jonathan Banks
-Seth Mitchell
Is this enough or do you need more, I will add the Klitschko's, they need fresh beatable meat with nice paydays behind them, a 27-0, with 27ko's, American HW and for icing on the cake Wilder has a major company behind him, are you kidding me, the big K's would love it, and anyone of the HW's I mentioned would leap at the opportunity to fight Wilder. Wilder and GB, would bring, HBO, or SHOWTIME, which translate into major money for anyone fighting Wilder.
Boytsov, I will let you name the Europeon HW's that might want a piece of him, and make it worth their while.
Both Wilder and Boytsov are not ready right now to face the elite HW's, and their management and their promoter obviously are not "confident" enough in their abilities to fight anybody who might have a shot at beating them, they are still both works in progress.

Re Wilder: GBP is LOSING money on Wilder. I was hoping you might have some insight as to why they have done almost nothing for him, but "protecting him" is clearly not the answer.
Sorry to have to say this but thats true, 'er who do you think pays Wilder and his carefully chosen opponents? Let me ask you something, Is Wilder drawing
the fans in that would pay for his fights? Mmm, the answer is no!
Every single fight that Wilder and Boytsov had, somebody paid for. Their fanbase which they really have none didnt pay his purse so that left the promoter to cough up the $'s. Overall in the 27 fights, GB has made no money on Mister Wilder, or Boytsov with whoever he is with right now. First GB, has given Wilder a substantial bonus, a monthly training expense stipend, paid for transportation to and from fights, for at least four people, and at least 3-4 hotel rooms plus meals for him and his opponent. Plus whatever purse for each.

Now tell me where Wilder drew by himself a million or more, than you would be right, if you cant then GB is in the hole for at least that much.
Raising a prospect costs money and who do you think is paying for it the promoter is.
A wise investor "protects" his investment cos at one point he plans to recoup his investment and make some money, this is the way its done in any business. The saying, "It takes money to make money", applies here and in any business, as an example. Say you are opening a retail business, You have to rent or buy a site, you have to stock your business, hire employees all expenses before you even open the door and make a dime.

Re Boytsov: You DO realize that Universum went bankrupt, yes? And evidently, the guy who now owns Boytsov's contract won't let him fight unless it's in a bout that he controls, which means Boytsov is in limbo. It has nothing to do with the new boss'es confidence, and everything to do with greed.
Sorry but you are wrong by a big margin here, if it were greed then GB, could cash out Wilder and whoever has Boytsov, with a Klitschko fight. When you are building a fighters career, if you are wise you go slowly until you feel your fighter is ready and the payoff is big enough for them to recoup their investment. I would agree that whoever controls their careers might be overly cautious or they may feel that the payoff and risk is not big enough at this point in their careers.

- but thanks for playing, Jane Merrill has some lovely parting gifts for you on your way out.
Since you are familar with whoever Jane Merrill is, I will let you have my parting gifts, I am sure you will know what to do with them.

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